Chris Crumley Underwater
Chris Crumley works on land and boats, underwater in pools and oceans, in the air and in the studio.

He's easy-going and confident with a minimal ego. He works well with people; subjects, clients, art directors, designers and assistants… adults, children, men and women. He's comfortable in team situations producing work and allows others to excel at what they do.

A smooth and effective digital workflow has been in place for years and currently uses high-end Canon and Hasselblad digital capture tools (16.7, 21 and 39 megapixel).

ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers -
ASMPCV (ASMP Central Virginia -

Certain images are available 24/7 from Alamy and Getty Images - leading portals for both general and specialist images.
Stock photography by Chris Crumley at Alamy

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