Stock Photography Usage Fee Pricing

Usage fees are determined using industry-standard pricing methods which are based on details which roughly correspond to project budgets. This allows similar images to be used in a small company brochure situation… or large advertising campaigns with insertions in magazines with circulations in the millions.

Provide us with details of the planned usage and we will provide you with the usage fee(s). When a usage fee is agreed upon, high resolution images files are delivered and an invoice provided itemizing fees, rights granted and payment terms.

Usage fees for Chris Crumley images are based on the following information provided by the client:
  • Use Category - Advertising, Editorial, Corporate, etc.
  • Use Type - Brochure, Print ad, billboard, etc
  • Use Volume - Print run size, Circulation
  • Use Size - 1/4, 1/2, Full, Double Page, Cover, etc.
  • Rights Requested - One-Time/Non-Exclusive, Unlimited for a specified period, etc.
Electronic usage (typically on web sites) is another category:
  • Use Type - Banner Advertising or Corporate Web Site
  • Company Type - Multi-National, National, Regional or Local
  • Image Location - Home Page, Secondary Page
  • Image Use Size - Navigation Button, 1/4 Screen to Full Screen or Background
  • Duration - number of months or years
Usage fees may also be affected by picture-specific factors such as:
  • Image Uniqueness
  • High Risk Factors
  • High Production Costs
  • Special Equipment Requirements
  • Minimum Fee Established by Photographer