Photography client: Interlux Concept: Todd McVey
Creative Director: Todd McVey
Art Director: John Perls
Copywriter: Todd McVey
Client: Interlux Paint

Production Notes:
The on-island producer-hired boat began sinking on the way to shoot. The captain was able to stop the leak, but the boat had water in the engine room almost up to the engine vitals, one engine was out and a hasty return to the dock was necessary.

Chris and the producer scrambled the balance of the shoot day looking for another boat and located a suitable Sea Ray Four-Twenty Aft Cabin with crew for the next day. The boat crew spent part of the night cleaning the hull above and below water.

Chris had a flight leaving Nassau at 2PM, so the crew was scheduled an early start on the Sea Ray. As luck would have it, water clarity was a problem at the first two site choices and the crew ended up in Old Fort Bay off an exclusive waterfront community where they take a dim view of visitors close to shore with cameras.

Nevertheless, after positioning the boat in the right water depth over a white sandy bottom and adjusting the angle of the boat to the topside ambient light, the under/over image was captured on film.

With only a couple of hours before Chris' flight, the underwater camera gear was rinsed and packed and Chris showered on the back platform as the boat did the forty-minute return to its dock. As soon as the boat was tied up, equipment was loaded in the producer's truck for a quick cross-island trip to the airport and an on-time departure.

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