Photography client: TUSA Concept: Brad Lally
Art Director: Marcia Lee
Copywriter: Felipe Bascope
Model: Christina Macfarlane
Creative Directors: Brad Lally and Stephen Ashmore
Client: TUSA (Division of Tabata, Japan)

Production Notes:
The wet studio, a custom-designed 12x12x8' outdoor cyclorama filled with 22,000 gallons of water, was heated to 91F degrees so the project team could work for an extended period comfortably (about three hours on a 75F degree day).

Chris was on scuba working with lights on Matthews stands fired by a special long sync cable to a Canon EOS-1Ds 11-megapixel camera in a SeaCam housing mounted on a tripod. The design specs were tight and it was best to keep equipment movement to a minimum.

Highlights from direct sunlight on the cyc walls and bottom were muted with a 20x20' scrim over the cyc. The water surface was kept broken by a crew member dangling their feet and kicking the water behind the camera.

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